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We are thrilled to explain exactly what functions we at the Clay County 1890 Jail Museum Heritage Center perform. Most importantly, we collect, record, preserve, display, and interpret our exhibits for the public’s benefit, education, and enjoyment. We work to illustrate the development as well as hardships of life in Clay County in the late 1800’s to the present. Our extensive photo and archival collections attract adults and children alike. In addition to all those intriguing facts, photos, and artifacts, and displays, there is always a story. And as our visitors travel through this historic building, jail to drunk tank, sitting room to basement, the story finds a path to excite the memory of a time long past. Behind everything we have and do is our pride in the heritage we have managed to preserve, display, and narrate for the education and entertainment of those who visit.  

Our vision remains the same: to continue doing this work with as much respect and enthusiasm as we possibly can. By helping people connect with and appreciate their roots, they can fully understand the past, the present and have a vision for the future coupled with a sense of belonging. The Society is an organization of unpaid, dedicated volunteers, each bringing their own gifts and graces to the task at hand. Therefore we must raise funds to maintain and operate the museum.

This museum operates solely on donations, sales of our museum items and any grants we are blessed enough to obtain.

That said, we need your help to continue the preservation of the county’s history and the building itself.  This beautiful, old dusty Jail is our largest artifact! The CCHS, along with a County family of supporters, worked tirelessly for years to restore what we now have and we must continually work to preserve it for those who follow. 

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