1890 Jail Museum & Heritage Center

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Jill Avis Chair
Georgetta Stanford Vice Chair
Travis Childs Chair CCHSC
Shannon Fleming Treasurer
Paula Swenson Secretary (C)
Judy Knowlton Secretary ®
Cindy Leaverton Director 1
Mary Parrish Director 2
Janet Pilsner Director 3
Laura Mactavish Director 4
Kim Childs Director 5
Linda Ward Director 6
Lucille Glasgow Special Consultant

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Call us: 940-538-5655


Email us:  1890jailmuseum@gmail.com


Find us: Facebook 1890 Jail Museum


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What We Do

We collect, record, preserve, display and interpret our exhibits for the publics benefit, education and enjoyment.

Our New Sign

The new Clay County 1890 Jail Museum and Heritage Center sign was put in place on September 1, 2021.  We think the sign will draw attention to our beautiful historical building.